Why Mindset is EVERYTHING

Major Transformation

At any point in life, you’re one choice away from it.


You’ve maybe heard the saying “Life is a series of choices.”


There is so much truth in that.


When you hear the word “Transformation” what emotions does it trigger? 


I asked Ernie the same question, and here’s how he answered:


“Excitement -- because I know what has happened in my own life when I’ve been open to change. Transforming is opening yourself up to the unknown. It gives me goosebumps to talk about transforming people’s lives, because that means they’re willing to put themselves out there. The process of transformation makes you enjoy every single day of your life and make the most out of every moment.” 


But before you read anymore, let me remind you Ernie is a cancer survivor. He often gets labeled as having survived testicular cancer, but the truth is it was much more aggressive than that.  


When Ernie found out he had testicular cancer, the cancer had already spread to over 100 lymph nodes and his lungs.  He has a scar running down his abdomen that’s as big as the border of Mexico.  I say that to make you smile, but he was in a bad place. 


What kept Ernie going through cancer was his WHY.  


Ernie loved to race his bike (still does).  The team he was signed for prior to getting diagnosed had promised him a chance to come back after he had completed his treatments. It was that hint of opportunity that kept him going. He would picture racing in Europe again and visualize having a comeback. He also knew he had a support crew, with his family and his team. He swears he never even once entertained the idea that he wouldn’t make it through cancer, even when he was literally cut open on the operating table. 


Ernie didn’t choose cancer. Many would say Ernie’s process of personal transformational therefore wasn’t optional, but he claims nothing is further from from the truth. 


It was all about mindset. 


Ernie beat cancer because he chose to beat cancer. He believes it’s a choice to have positive faith or to make it harder on yourself by adding negative emotional stress. He believes in learning over performing. He kept himself in such a positive frame of mind, that through mindset and medicine combined, he was able to beat the odds.


I tell you this story not to play on your emotion, but to inspire you. Ernie would never wish his experience on anyone else, but he uses what he learned daily to push himself and others to live a life of gratitude, happiness, and living up to your potential. 


He’s in fact been motivated recently to begin something new for our clients out of his genuine heartfelt desire to inspire change in the people who want it. 


Do you feel the need to change anything about yourself?


Maybe it’s your body.  Perhaps you’ve been holding onto unwanted weight. 


Maybe it’s your mentality. You struggle with pushing yourself to see things through to the end, or maybe you simply struggle with self-doubt.


Perhaps your downfall is you’re surrounded by people who aren’t like-minded. Maybe you’re in a negative work environment, or (this is a sore spot for many) maybe your spouse doesn’t want to change, and you do. 


These are difficult places to be. But the truth is there IS a group of like-minded people who want and need exactly the same thing…


  • Community 

  • Support 

  • Encouragement 

  • Accountability


Sometimes you have to go find them!  But they are there. 

An excellent resource (and one that has helped me adopt the mindset of a learner vs a performer) is this book by Carol S. Dweck…the best $10 you’ll ever spend! Get it here now:


A growth mindset is one willing to adapt and learn skills to change. It isn’t based on performance, fixed intelligence, or our past patterns and family traits.

I’ll say it again: you’re one choice away from a major transformation. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and care about your goals, who support your dreams, and who challenge you to be your best. Having friends with the same positive mindset will catapult you toward your goals.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Success is about learning

— not proving your worth, your intelligence, or your ability. Focus on being a learner. Adopting the mindset of a learner allows you to handle and embrace failure and will push you to be your best self.