My Latest, Favorite Skin Product for Cyclists

In a perfect world…

I would complete my workout (or race)…unclip…eat something fantastic. Take a hot shower, get a massage, eat something even more fantastic, then crawl into pj’s and sleep for an hour.

The chances of that ACTUALLY happening are…slim to NEVER.

Most days realistically look like this:


Complete training session

Realize I forgot my food, so I pound a squashed rice cake from the bottom of my backpack

Hair is out of control

Pick up kids

Run them around doing kid stuff and errands

Get home, unpack lunchboxes, do homework, make dinner, hit some laundry

That coveted shower I dreamed of….happens about 4 hours later.


That’s just life for me right now, and I really do love it. I’m totally down for the crazy shuffle…but recently, the shuffle got just a little better!

I’ve used Chamois Butt’r for years, but somehow remained in the dark about this amazing other-worldly product they’ve had available ALL THIS TIME…their Chamois Butt’r SKIN WASH. People of the world…this is the best $16 you’ll ever spend on yourself. Whether you’re racing, or just active on the daily, put this in your gym bag — rank it higher than deodorant.

I’ve included an Amazon prime link below.

Seriously, you can have it in two days.

It’s a shower in a bottle.

It’s a life saver.

This is your post-ride clean up go-to when you can’t get to the shower right away. My favorite part…their ingredients include aloe vera, menthol, peppermint oil, and camellia…all you need is a small towel (I’ve even used a t-shirt in a pinch). It smells fresh and clean.

Sweat, salt, grime? Gone.

For men and women alike.


This product is for ANYONE and EVERYONE.

While the traditional Chamois Butt’r chamois product is pretty specific to the cycling circle, this Skin Wash is for any athlete on the go…runners, triathletes, soccer players…imagine if your teenage football player wiped down with this before getting on the bus ride home from his away game!


Ernie and I both love this product; I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t use it and vote two thumbs up. Getcha some. Let me know what you think!

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